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Color: Green 3 Suit
Envío desde: China


Nombre de la marca: ONEUP
Característica: Respetuoso con el medio ambiente
Característica: Apto para microondas
Característica: Con cucharas o palillos
Característica: Hermético
Característica: Aislamiento térmico
Forma: Rectángulo
Color: Pink, Blue, Green
Suitable for the crowd: Adult and Children
Size: 23x6.5x15.5cm, 27.5x6.5x18.5cm
Material: Stainless steel and PP
Compartment: 2 compartments,3 compartments, 4 compartments,5 compartments
Gift: Tableware
Feature1: Leakproof
Feature2: Can be used as a mobile phone holder
Feature3: Food grade material

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